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The 5v Power Block is now a thing . . .

Normally you can only power 2 relays with a single Raspberry Pi, but I documented a way you can use a powered usb hub and modified usb cables to power up to 8 relays with one Raspberry Pi. It was very ugly and not user friendly, well that’s all about to change . . .

Hello, Innovation!

. . . and before I show you this I’ll let you know at the beginning of the year Garmin was looking for a Android programmer, so I sent them my Resume and a link to my blog (showed them EVERYTHING) and told them not to contact me before they looked at my blog.

Didn’t even get an interview.

Draw your own conclusions.

Sorry Amazon

I was busy watching your stock price.

I didn’t give you a pass so I can’t give Walmart one either.

You’re WAAAAAAAAAAAAY late to the game dude!

“Use service like Task Rabbit and need to let someone in your house, but don’t want to hide a key for them? Use this app and let them in when they get to the house.”

You got to get on this, get some advertising out, make a YouTube video, tell people to search for IOT or Garage Door Opener, or Home Automation, or Raspberry Pi, or IoT OtG (oops).

And watch out for firmware updates, that is sooooooo going to be the thing that bites you in the butt.

Business Insider – Smart lock maker Lockstate bricks some customers’ locks with software update

Hey, if you sell something, it breaks, you fix it, and resell it as refurbished, do you get to count it twice?

Free Cloud Security Camera Software – Manything

Thank you India and Italy! and of course China . . .

I use this, it works on Android or iPhone 4 on up. I have it installed on a Gen 2 iPad. It has motion set up by default, it will e-mail you when it detects motion and saves the clip to the cloud so you can view for free. There is a time limit for the cloud video, then you have to pay. You can download clip for free if you want. If you have a flash on the device you can even remotely turn on the flash like a flashlight.



Cloud Storage

IoT OtG is out of control! . . . Again

China . . . my goodness, I just can’t believe it, thank you.

Germany, I won’t forget, you kicked it off with quite a bang, almost a year ago now.

Thank you Belgium!

Come on guys! we are setting a standard here! Don’t make China do all the work!

Thank you U.S.A.!

China, still doing awesome! more downloads in one day than I used to get in a month!

Today while I was sitting next to someone in traffic yelling at their steering wheel it hit me. You know how car makers are wasting their time incorporating Alexa into their cars. Most cars now have blue tooth (Not mine, LONG LIVE THE ALPINE! i think it’s a 2002 model) But with IoT OtG, your cars blue tooth, and your phone, just use your blue tooth to send a text! “Text lrd vdr turn off bathroom light.” Done. “Text Alfred, Hey, I am stuck in traffic, go ahead and order some Pizza.”

So while we were in Seattle, we thought we would see how far North West we could go.

GPS Location

Well there are two paths to the cape, an upper.

North Coast

West Coast

. . . and a lower.

The Cape

The Cape – East

Most of the time you don’t have ANY signal while you are out there except for GPS.

But while we were walking to the lower path to the cape my watch started “tapping” me.

“Whoa! home temperature updates! I must have a signal.”

I look at the phone and it says Tesco where AT&T usually is, Canada maybe?

doesn’t matter, an excellent time to try and open the garage door!

“Hey, Siri” – No data connectivity.

No D A T A connectivity, but texting functionality YES!

So I pull out the phone.


Can’t do that with any cloud device, you need DATA connectivity for that!

Good enough for physicians to use, very reassuring.

So why should you use my system?

Mobile users click on menu above for more information.

Home Automation, What is it?

Recently added a Wearables Page if you are wondering if you should get one.

Cost mainly, affordable and simple upgrade path, works with both iOS and Android, then openness, then the fact that I have no debt.

Oh yeah, Raspberry Pi’s work all over the world.(60 Countries, 6 Continents, 500+ downloads, Indonesia is getting a blue pin! South Africa, you’re keeping up, pretty cool!)

NONE of my Raspberry Pi’s have EVER gone bad, never had to return one.(You always see sales on refurbished Echo’s)

. . . and they make TONS of them.

The list just goes on and On and ON!

My setup is NOT proprietary and this is why I love using the garage door opener. You will never get locked out of your house.(The story also talks about how DEBT can raise it’s ugly head)

Business Insider – Smart lock maker Lockstate bricks some customers’ locks with software update

Alexa only works in the U.S. inside your house, 1 to 2 rooms tops. Phones and watches work all over the house, outside, in your car, in a cab. So why waste your money?

Speaking of saving money . . .

Aetna Customers! or maybe you know someone who is . . .

Apple working with insurer Aetna to discount Apple Watches for customers

9To5Mac – New WatchOS 4 features


Free Home Automation for iPhone

more info and demo video


Free Home Automation for Android

more info and demo video

Pi voice command – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

Home Automation on your Apple Watch!

Pi Watch Command in the App Store

more info and demo video

Pi Wear Control

Control everything you can on all my apps from your Android watch.

Pi Wear Control – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

Control all your devices via text messaging, will even work with a flip phone! or Apple Watch or Android Watch FROM ANYWHERE, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE WAKE WORD! (Jarvis, James, Q, Computer, Lord Vader(crap, my new one), Mommy, Frank RULES). Actually you can set them all up, choose what you want ON THE FLY!! Just added Lord Vader while I was at work SWEEEEEEEET! (CORRECTION: I mis-spoke all speakers will ALWAYS have a PROPRIETARY wake word, wearables WILL NOT and already DON’T Android and Apple Watch)

I think this is the first product you have no fear of corporate licensing! (and for you corporate types, there is no settings saved on the hub, it’s all on the users phone! which does not need an app! and the name is NEVER passed to the hub.)

Just set up in your phone contacts what name you want and give it the phone number of your hub. FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!! NO ONE IS GOING TO TOUCH THAT!


IoT OtG – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

Home Automation Hub for cloud support

Home Automation Hub runs on Android ONLY. Gingerbread and higher!

Required for the Garage Door App and the paid version of iOS and Android Home Automation Remote with cloud support.

Pi Smart Hub – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

Yes, one person did all this.

Believe me I use all this every day and my mind is just blown when I think about it.

Most of this was made a YEAR AGO!

Cloud functionality has been tested from Costa Rica to Kansas!


Home Automation Remote for iPhone with cloud support

more info and demo video

* also requires Android device (Gingerbread or higher) and app above.


Home Automation Remote for Android with cloud support

more info and demo video

* also requires Android device (Gingerbread or higher) and Smart Hub App.


Pi Garage for iPhone

more info and demo video

* also requires Android device (Gingerbread or higher) and Smart Hub App.


Pi Garage for Android

more info and demo video

* also requires Android device (Gingerbread or higher) and Smart Hub App.

Main Screen

Pi One Button Remote for iOS


Quickly and Easily turn on up to two devices, fan button has timer functionality built in.

App Store

Yes, Apple made me make ANOTHER VIDEO for this app, I’m going to have to add up all the minutes of all my video’s and see if I have enough time for a feature movie. Since the Emoji Movie has set the bar so low, I might have a shot at something.

Cost: a lot of it is timing, even though we are still pretty early in the game, some people made their bet WAY too early, and they will be the ones with proprietary hubs. They had to go into debt to make their hardware setup, they were mainly hardware guys with electrical engineering degrees who loved to make hardware, but times have changed since when they started. Now Schenzhen, China can make things way to fast and way to cheap. So their are lots of choices and their will have to be consolidation to a few companies. A lot of times focus on one thing is a good thing, but as my product shows, not this time. You’ve got all these hubs that do just one thing, so you have to buy multiple hubs and then if you want to simplify you have to buy another hub to connect them all together. I need to go out and do a search, I would love to see a house that has a special hub for the garage door, a special hub for the lights, a special hub for wall outlets, a special hub for the sprinklers, another hub for the thermostat, another hub used to connect them all, it would be a mess!

The Raspberry Pi DOES IT ALL. . . TODAY!

So you can see there is consolidation coming!

It’s actually already happening, if you don’t have much of a life and you search the blogs all day you will see companies being acquired/bought that are involved in home automation. Right now none of the prices are being announced, because those are the companies that have the most debt. And if they do their own hardware, they probably aren’t going to make it. Especially if they are just connecting someone else’s hardware.

What has to happen is a company that actually makes a device, say Phillips Hue is going to have to buy companies that make other things like wall switches, or invest in hardware manufacturing and software developers, a lot of developers, to make their product do one more thing just to stay in business, and this will eventually put the makers of hardware that connect things out of business. And all of this will take time, and it may render their current hub obsolete and then you will have to buy another one.

The Raspberry Pi does ALL OF THIS NOW! . . . and more! It’s almost impossible for the Raspberry Pi to be obsolete.

And Raspberry Pi is essentially the first of it’s kind, Audrino may have been first but to use those you need a lot of patience and be smarter than the average bear. When I bought my first Raspberry Pi I was actually on my way to get Audrino, but everything you need doesn’t usually come in one piece, I *think* you need 3 pieces i.e. how I ended up with a Raspberry Pi and the rest is history.

So what I meant to say is:

1. guess where they are made? China (developed in U.K.)
2. They got their process down to a science!

*Maybe* someone will beat them some day, Intel couldn’t, a couple others I will have to update later.

They actually beat themselves, Pi Zero, but they had to remove stuff that you need to do that, which you would have to add back yourself, so it doesn’t make sense for home automation.

So there you go, absolutely no cheaper solution and it’s available today. The only thing close is SainSmart they make a “wireless” (not so) board for their relay’s that cost $30 BUT they only work with a single relay board, so best case scenario you would have a bank of 4 light switches right next to each other so you could control 4 lights for $30 plus the cost of the relay. Raspberry Pi would cost you about $40 with a power supply plus the relay. But you probably aren’t going to stop there, so another relay another $30 for the SainSmart setup. You are already done with the Raspberry Pi setup, just add another relay.

Now out of the box you can only power 2 relay boards with the Raspberry Pi, but I found a way to power/control 8 relay boards with 1 Raspberry Pi.

And the Raspberry Pi is built to work in ANY COUNTRY.

It’s really not fair to all the other companies, it’s just the way things happened and you are the beneficiary.


There is nothing stopping you from doing what I have done. None of what I do is proprietary. I highly recommend if you have kids or grandkids you use this as a way to get them interested in programming and how electricity works (lesson one know how to turn off the power and use a volt meter to test the the power is off) This is a great way to get hooked on programming. I still recommend getting my app of course 😉 it’s the absolute fastest, cheapest way to get started off the bat, and then you can customize your own setup later if you want, but you don’t have to.

In fact we are so early in the game, if they got good at hardware installation they could start their own company. The way I see it they will be creating one of the next alarm installation companies of the future, of course those won’t last forever.

Openness is how I got my setup to do EVERYTHING TODAY! It has a free/standalone version for Android or iPhone that does everything(most secure), It has watch functionality for Android or iPhone, it has voice capability for Android, it has texting functionality for cloud like functionality(more secure than cloud), it has cloud functionality, Android hub, Android or iOS client, it has garage door functionality for Android or iOS. Timers, linking(scenes), geofence.

In the words of Tony Stark:

“What more do you want? For now!”

Debt: I have no debt, no overhead, no programmers (I’m the only one) I’m not going anywhere.

So you can take the long way around with the other guys, or be there today with me.

If you are ready here is a overview of how to connect the Raspberry Pi to a relay:

In depth hardware explanation

YouTube – Raspberry Pi – Home Automation – Garage Door Opener

Here is the software setup for the Raspberry Pi in pictures:

Raspberry Pi OS

Links to what you need to buy and where you can get them.

I need a second to let the trust waft over me.

So I went to California and I went straight to the new offices. I didn’t know whether to dress for the party or for the business meeting so I kind of dressed for both, but it didn’t matter.

Why not?

because I wasn’t called out there for either one.

What were you called out there for?

An ambush.

At first I though he was joking, giving me more contracts to sign, but then I started reading . . .

What was Mr. Zuckerberg’s ownership shares diluted down to?

It wasn’t.

What was Mr. Moskovitz’s ownership diluted down to?

It wasn’t.

What was Sean Parker’s ownership diluted down to?

It wasn’t.

What was Peter Thiel’s ownership diluted down to?

It wasn’t.

and what was your ownership share diluted down to?

.03 percent.

. . . . . . .

You signed the papers.

You set me up.

You’re going to blame me because you’re the business head of the company and you made a bad business deal with your own company?

. . . . . . .

. . . 4 documents, the first two are common stock purchase agreements allowing you to buy stock in the newly re-incorporated Facebook as opposed to the old shares which are now worthless. Third is an exchange agreement allowing you to exchange the old shares for new shares, and then finally a voter holding agreement.

How many shares of stock will I own?

1,328,334 that represents a 34.4 percent ownership share, why the increase from the original 30 percent? . . .

. . . cause you mean it’s diluted to award shares to new investors.

I love working with business majors.

You should know that Mark has already taken his percentage from 60 down to 51.

Well, Mark doesn’t care about money, and he needs to be protected.

Dustin Moskovitz owns 6.81 percent, Sean Parker 6.47 percent.

I can live with that.

and Peter Thiel 7 percent.


“. . . and when you signed these documents were you aware that you were signing you own death certificate?”


It was insanely stupid of me not to have my own lawyers look over all the . . . in all honesty I thought they were my lawyers . . .

I don’t know if I would walk into a room with anybody involved with this without a lawyer. You would have night mares every night, playing these scene’s over and over.

I’m Baaaaaack!!

China, you are amazing, thank you for keeping it going! (Still crazy numbers, but I’m watching stock prices at the moment, not sure when I want to release your next count, keep it going though! it’s great!)

Practicing . . .

I see you too, there Germany – 71

Took a little Vacay.

To see what the competition is up to.

Was going to wait a little longer to talk about what I saw and did, but I saw the truth was starting to fly and an important issue is being overlooked.

Amazon could detonate a gentrification ‘prosperity bomb’ with 2nd HQ

Homelessness. (Not sure why a tweet was needed to figure out what needs to happen in your own city?)

All Civic leaders bidding for the 2nd Amazon HQ need to visit Seattle and start working on their plan for the homeless NOW! and then quadruple it.

See the tents back by the bridge?

This wasn’t even really close to downtown, probably 30 minutes away.

Time to jump the shark!

Facebook, You Needy Sonofabitch | Brad Frost

Read the whole thing, wow.

Restoration Hardware CEO reveals startling reality about online ads

That is why you don’t blindly go in debt to stock holders and VC’s just to advertise.

So while I was in Seattle I thought I would stop by Fry’s Electronics and get me a Raspberry Pi for a souvenir.

800 Garden Ave. North Renton, WA 98057 Phone (425) 525-0200

When you get into the store go to the right. Row 7A


They are supposed to be on the lower left, where my two business cards are. The boxes are Raspberry Pi’s, but they come with more stuff than I need. Actually I don’t *need* any more.

Plenty of Echo’s and Dot’s to be had.

Accidentally cut off the Dot’s in the top of the picture.

1000+ Downloads WOOHOO!!!!!!

This ain’t no just fill in your name app either! This is a ecosystem!

This is going to be a good holiday!

Thank you Australia too! I saw you in there.

Check out the Map, quick before it changes!

. . . sorry, Dude (Maybe you should drink while you work so you don’t write so well)

A Serf on Google’s Farm – Talking Points Memo

In commemoration of 1000 downloads (which REALLY calms the nerves and helps me draw) I made a lamp icon (FINALLY!) and will update the app in the app store soon.

In commemoration of 500 China downloads I made a Chinese Lantern icon and will update the app in the app store soon.

You trying to give me a heart attack!


I was supposed to stay off the internet today, so I went to check my download count . . . .

Oh my goodness, I saw the count, and thought some how I was doing a multiple month download range, then I had to look at the graph margin, last week the top bar was 2 downloads, this week it was in the hundreds!!

I’ve never seen that, I don’t know how I’m going to segregate it out to countries, I’m still in too much shock!

I should have been at 600 downloads around the 22nd of this month, but I was hoping to be at 550 today, and you guys just TOTALY BLEW THAT OUT OF THE WATER!!!

Excuse me, I have to take a walk.



I guess it won’t be that hard, China WINS! – Guess I am going to have to learn some Chinese!

South Africa, welcome to the Double Digits Club!! a Yellow pin for you!!

Runners up: Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, India, U.K. , U.S.A.


China – 329
USA – 141
Germany – 69


08/30/2017 – . . . and it just keeps getting better every time I SEE IT! Thank you AGAIN China, this is what I have been waiting for, I can see 1000 downloads in less than a YEAR!
(Sorry, I will update the map tonight, in all the excitement I forgot. Maybe I will wait one more day, probably have 400 by then.)


I see you too, Saudi Arabia, keep on downloading!

Just read an article about the Amazon Echo everyone they talked to on average had 5, FIVE! of them in their house! Get ready to SPEND SOME MONEY!!!!!! AND THEY ALREADY HAVE A PHONE!

Just get a watch and be done! I have 2 watches, only use one, outside, inside, in a car, in an Uber, in a friends car, at work, in the bathroom. NO CORDS! NO POWER PLUGS!

1 Device SIMPLE! DONE!

$180 X 5 = $900!!!! NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS! and your phone already does it, and a watch does it cheaper.

$275 X 1 = $275

Amazon is actually the weakest of the big U.S. retailers, Moody’s says – MarketWatch

Where can I get a Raspberry Pi Today?

I’m glad you asked!

I will look for other countries too, but that will be a little more tricky.

. . . and done!



United States:

Fry’s Electronics

800 Garden Ave. North
Renton, WA 98057
Phone (425) 525-0200

Store Hours:
9am – 9pm Monday – Friday
9am – 8pm Sunday

Raspberry Pi

Other Fry’s locations:

Fry’s Locations

Microcenter (Sorry, you will have to change the store location manually at the top, that’s the way the web site works.)

$29.99 (In Store only – 8/28/2017)

Boston/Cambridge – Massachusetts (252 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Orange County / Tustin – California (241 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Denver – Colorado (236 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Atlanta/Deluth – Georgia (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Atlanta/Marietta – Georgia (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Chicagoland/Central – Illinois (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Chicagoland/Westmont – Illinois (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Beltway/Rockville – Maryland (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Baltimore/Towson – Maryland (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Detroit/Madison Heights – Michigan (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Twin Cities/St. Louis Park – Minnesota

Raspberry Pi

St. Louis/Brentwood – Missouri

Raspberry Pi

North Jersey / Paterson – New Jersey

Raspberry Pi

Long Island / Westbury – New York

Raspberry Pi

Brooklyn / Gowanus Expy – New York

Raspberry Pi

Queens / Flushing – New York

Raspberry Pi

(Wow! Having Law and Order Flashbacks!)
Westchester County / Yonkers

Raspberry Pi

Central Ohio / Columbus – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

North East Ohio/ Mayfield Heights – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

Cincinnati / Sharonville – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

Philadelphia / St. Davids

Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi

Dallas Metroplex / Richardson (249 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Northern Virginia / Fairfax (253 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Nothing near by? Order it on line:

Raspberry Pi

Power Supply (can use Android charging cable)

Micro SD – 16 GB

Here is a two relay board, good for first try

All Kinds of Relays

Wires to connect relay to Raspberry Pi