Monthly Archives: June 2016

IOS App on the way!

Looking for a Home Automation App for your iPhone?

Don’t know how you ended up here, but don’t worry I’ve just about learned all there is to learn for Android so time to start focusing back on Objective C.

I’ve taken a couple weeks to put together a iOS app that I will be releasing to the App store in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!

It will have most of the functionality that my Android app does:

Create Items on your phone to operate lights, tv’s, fan’s over the cloud from anywhere

Link items together to perform multiple tasks at once

Schedule individual tasks or linked lists to happen on a recurring basis

Remove, Rename, Change Icon of any item

Set volume level’s of your Smart Hub

Check battery status of your Smart Hub

I will try to put out some YouTube videos of it in action.

It will require the purchase of my Smart Hub app to work with the Raspberry Pi.

With a Garage Door App soon to follow that.