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IoT OTG is a GO!

Just submitted the apps to the Google Play store, since they are paid apps they should make it through pretty quickly.

Search for:

IoT OTG for Raspberry Pi – set up multiple numbers to receive texts from.


IoT OTG for Alexa – set up one number to receive texts from.

Both work for all options, one just lets you handle texts from all options at once.

Alexa requires AT&T texting skill.

All require Android phone (Gingerbread or higher)

Texting charges may apply. (You might see if you can use WhatsApp for free)

Video below.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi Home Automation


iPhone / Apple Watch

Android Assistant

OTG Stands for Off The Grid, but it doesn’t have to be.

IoT OTG ready for release

Ok, code is ready to go.

There will be 2 versions (not free)

IoT OTG Lite – receive texts from one phone number.

IoT OTG – receive texts from up to 4 phone numbers.

I have to do all the artsy stuff, Icons, screen captures, etc.

Have it out there tonight or tomorrow.

If you don’t see it for your country, leave me a e-mail or comment.

Works with Alexa and AT&T Texting Skill if you just happened to land on this page.

More info Here.

IoT OTG for Alexa supports on the fly scenes! (Link Lists)

Just discovered this this morning!

If you make your names unique you can do:


Ask AT&T to text Jarvis.

What would you like to say to Jarvis?

Turn on bedroom kitchen landing bathroom

Ok, sending Jarvis Turn on bedroom kitchen landing bathroom


They all come on!

Make up your own scene (link list) on the fly!

You can do the same thing with Siri and Ok, Google.

Should be out this weekend.

. . .steam roller action crushing all . . . .

IoT OTG Now Supports Alexa, Ok,Google, and Hey, Siri!

So when using Alexa you must have a AT&T phone because they are the only ones with a texting skill for Alexa. And IoT OTG only works on Android phones because Apple will not let you make apps that take actions on received texts.


Alexa with AT&T texting skill, Android with Iot OTG, AT&T = Good to go.

Ok,Google, Android with IoT OTG, ANY carrier = Good to go.

Hey,Siri(iPhone AND Apple Watch!!!), Android with IoT OTG, ANY carrier = Good to go.

I can now control my house using voice commands from Android Wear (watch), Android (Ok,Google), iPhone (Hey, Siri), and Alexa. Sorry Cortana, get Microsoft to give me a phone, and *maybe* if I have time.

The way that I do it will also allow you to use your Apple Watch to control your home also!

Video below.


iPhone / Apple Watch

Android Assistant

Oh man!, the Alexa Raspberry Pi Interfaces is so sweeeeeeet!

So simple.

So easy to configure.

Install the app on your phone.

Go to application settings, enable sms so app can act upon received texts.

Enter the number Alexa will be texting you from.


Enter in a name.

Enter in a ip address.

Enter in a GPIO number.



Ask AT@T to text Jarvis.

Ok, what would you like to tell Jarvis

Turn on bedroom

Ok, Sending Jarvis, Turn on bedroom.


Alexa Raspberry Pi interface eminent.

Ok, got the Proof Of Concept and basic logic working last night, we are a go, now I just have to copy over my user interface logic and it should be good to go.

What’s kind of cool is, I might even have to add garage door logic, I remember reading that the apps out there now don’t support opening the garage door for security reasons, but this app will sit on your phone, so when you get home you will plug your phone in to charge and start my app and control your home, but while you aren’t at home, your phone will be with you so you don’t have to worry about someone shouting “ALEXA! OPEN GARAGE DOOR” outside your house because your phone/app will be with you and Alexa will not be able to control your house!

Ohhhh Baby! I can’t wait to start using it myself!

You will also be able to assign names to other family members phones and install this app on their phones and use them to control your home from Alexa, and since you administer the phone numbers that Alexa can use to control your home . . . . IoT OTG BABY!!!!!!

Damn You Alexa!, Damn You Amazon!

Makes a good headline doesn’t it?

I guess I can’t complain, they are giving me something to do.

OK, IoT OTG Lite is on the way.

If you have a Android (I know, I WISH I could do this with iPhone) phone (just one) with AT&T service you will be able to control your Raspberry Pi’s with your Alexa device.

I’m not 100% sure about the AT&T part, if your phone carrier let’s you text from your Alexa device and you have a Android phone, you are in.

Here is what it works like.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi Home Automation

I’ll say 2 weeks, but will probably have it done by this weekend.

Just to show you HOW much I WISH I could do it with iPhone let me show you the download count for my free app with Android and with iPhone:




iPhone for the week

Total from September

And of course Apple doesn’t show you uninstalls (not complaining) so maybe in the end it’s all the same? Oh, and the total is off it should be 211 (obsessing!).

Home Automation using Alexa and Raspberry Pi’s

Here is the video.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi Home Automation

I can control all the devices you see in all my video’s with this process.

It’s not the fastest, but a lot more fun than asking what the temperature is or adding items to a shopping list!

Using the watch is faster and the free app is the fastest (as long as you don’t have to scroll through a long list of items).