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AllllllllRightyThen Apple Watch Owners I think we are good !

From the main screen you will have two buttons, add device and device list.

Top button is add device so you are less likely to accidentally press it.

Bottom button is device list.

add device you have seen a million times, or is that just me?

device list button takes you to another screen that shows you a list of all the devices you have created.

There is an action button in the top right that allows you to add, name, move, and delete the devices.

add we have discussed.

name – gives you the option to rename the device, I automatically add -ON and -OFF to the button names so please don’t, if you do you may launch a missile or something, I am not sure. If they are named backwards, that is what the Reversed switch is for when you create the device, so delete it and re-create it. You can only rename one item at a time, you only need to rename the -OFF or the -ON item and the other gets renamed automatically. You click done in the top right and you are returned to the main screen. You can then click on update on your watch and the list will be updated to the most current.

move – allows you to re-arrange your list (AWESOME!) you can move as many as you like, click done in the top right and you are returned to the main screen. You can then click on update on your watch and the list will be updated to the most current. -ON -OFF items don’t have to remain next to each other, feel free to put all the -ON’s together and all the -OFF’s together this should *kind of* appease you until I get linking working.

delete – let’s you remove devices from your list. You can only delete one item at a time, you only need to delete the -OFF or the -ON item and the other gets deleted automatically. Click the done button in the top right after selecting which one you want to delete and you are returned to the main screen. You can then click on update on your watch and the list will be updated to the most current.

When in list view you can just tap one of the list items and it will return you to the main screen.

Phone does not have to be on for app to work, app does not have to be in foreground for app to work, you can leave the app on the main screen or in the list view whichever you prefer and it will be able to hear commands from the watch.

You do have to run the app once to queue it up, but of course you have to add a device so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Going to do some more beta testing, should be no problem to have it in the store by Monday.

. . . Oh yeah, MAKE HISTORY – check

Here we go ! Beware of the junk hubs !

And so it begins . . .

Everyone is going to start throwing out their PROPRIETARY HUBS and then they will be gone or you will have to buy a newer upgraded model by next year.

Experienced companies HAVE ALREADY DONE IT . . . and all the rest are going to be spending even less on R & D and employees.

So you have been warned.

Watch App Update:

I now have deleting and renaming working, hopefully get moving of list items working tomorrow. Then I have to clean up the interface and hopefully get it into the App Store by Monday. I will then work on getting the linking of devices to work, that will probably take a couple days, but I’ll give my self a week.

Update 2: Moving is also working, time to start cleaning up the interface . . .

Thank you Russia and Japan, hmmmmm somebody in the news recently lives in Japan . . .

A new pin! Welcome United Arab Emirates, if you need me to turn the lights on the Burj Khalifa tower for you from here I can do it! (not with the free app)

5 years! Looks like I need to PIVOT!

Business Insider – Wearables aren’t really a thing — at least not yet

3 Billion should hold me over til then.

Ok Snapchat and Facebook, let’s race!

Here is the concept:

Stickers with individual filters!!!!

Look it’s colored !, look it’s sepia !, look it’s colored !, look it’s sepia, look it’s colored . . . whoa! I should have went to bed hours ago!

Why did I just invent that! ugh.

Actually they need a REASON to buy a Wearable, not just buy it because.

Please save us O great Pokemon Go!

Confessions of a (almost) dimmer junkie

So when we were looking for a new home, and found the one you see in all the video’s, we found it for a great price, probably the closest I will ever get to winning the lottery!

And when we found it, I loved the back yard, I loved the size, I loved the fact that it had a cable connection in the BATHROOM, but the thing that sold it sadly enough for me was it was loaded with dimmers in every room, you probably could have added $20,000 on to the price and I would have taken it because of the dimmers. When I first used the dimmer in the bathroom, I melted into a puddle on the floor right there.

That was 10 + years ago and I have probably used the dimmers maybe 20 times and here is what I have found for me.

Bathroom, very cool, especially at night, but what sucks is, either you have to set the dim level before you go to bed, or when you get up at night, and once you crank that light on full blast, the purpose is ruined.

TV Room, this is where I thought it would rule, but you know what? If I go to a movie and they forget to dim the lights all the way I get VERY CRANKY! GIVE ME PITCH BLACK! and that’s what I have found at home.

The landing is about the only place they seem to really provide a purpose, although I also have my accent lights, so it’s a draw.

Kitchen, ehhh, not bad it’s right off the living room so it’s nice not to be blinded, but here is what I have found for dimmers for me, they kind of give me a headache. It’s like you can’t quite focus on anything and it’s all fuzzy.

So that’s when I accidentally discovered something one night, we have cats and we keep their food and catbox in a downstairs bathroom, so I hooked up ol’ frosty the snowman on the floor so I could turn it on at night, and you know what? It looked really pretty cool!

You could see the floor, everything was crisp, no headache! And it got me thinking, you know this kind of thing really wouldn’t be practical using mechanical switches because you would have two switches at every entrance to pick what light you wanted to use, but now with a single device to control all lights, it’s a lot less cost restrictive.

So right now I’m kind of lightly thinking about what would be the best way to provide lighting on just the floor, because if you think about it, with dimmers you are really just trying to get light to the floor without so much light in the air.

Another thing I found when researching the idea of showing people how to make dimmers is that the way they work, before L.E.D. I’m not really sure with L.E.D. but the way they work is when you turn on a old style bulb it takes a few seconds to warm up and provide full light, so engineers came up with a way to turn the light off again really fast before it has time to heat up, and then back on again, and then back off, and so on (that’s why cheap ones “sing”). That seems really inefficient and in fact it was, some of the switches got really warm, mine do, which is electricity wasted. So my tree hugger instinct (the one that made me find a way to power more relays with just one Raspberry Pi) just doesn’t care for them much more.

But the customer is always right, so if you really need them, let me know or if the right opportunity comes along where they are really easy to interface with my software I will set you up.

Updated the map today (Egypt, Mexico, Russia, and USA have been upgraded)

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!


TRIPPLE DIGIT USA DOWNLOADS! (44 Germany, 40 France)

There you go Mexico, now your rollin’

AND . . .


– Use app without having to restart after adding devices – check
– Execute turn devices off and on while app is not activated and phone is off – check
– Display configured devices on the phone in an editable list view – check
– Download list to watch without having to restart app and while app is in background – check

Updated the map today (Egypt, Mexico, Russia, and USA have been upgraded)

Whoa! SLOW DOWN Android people, you are going to burn up Google’s hard drives!

Well, I like ’em

Wise investment decision, Masatoshi Son

Wall Street Journal – SoftBank Drops $100 Million Investment in iPhone Rival

Mr. Rubin is taking aim at Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. with his new high-end smartphone, an Android-based model with sleek styling, intended to anchor a suite of home-automation products and be priced in line with the iPhone and Samsung’s premium S series, according to a person familiar with its plans.

There is no money to be made there.

Need 3 more downloads to get to 350 for Pi Home Automation Remote Free for iOS.

Hopefully Apple Watch app will be done this weekend.

France, two days in a row!
Turkey, welcome back.
India,धन्यवाद (wow, I had to cut and paste that)

Mexico – welcome to the multiple download club.

I’ll change your pin tonight and probably update the download locations picture tomorrow. Egypt joined the multiple download club and Russia went to double digits since the last pic.

Japan, your starting to get on a roll.

France, welcome back, you are soooo close to catching Germany.

Good ‘ol USA, a couple more downloads and we should be the first to triple digits.

Apple Watch App update:

I can now send data to the watch when a UITableView is fully configured on the phone, now time to try data the other way.

Updated the map today (Egypt, Mexico, Russia, and USA have been upgraded)

My Peeps

Make sure you don’t miss Fiji on the far right!


Welcome Nepal!

Russia and Egypt I will swap out your pins tonight!

Romania, keep it going, you are moving right along.

Red – Single Download
Blue – Multiple Downloads
Yellow – Double Digit Downloads

I recently added a PROJECTS PAGE that shows you how to do the hardware parts.