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Can’t release any numbers today, but it was a NEW RECORD !

UPDATED Pi Home Automation Free App!!!
– I had to change the name to Pi Home Automation Lite (new rules I guess) along with the name change I fixed a bug that would cause the app to send “ghost” or “echo” commands when you unlocked your phone if you left the app in the foreground when you turned it off. I also fixed the issue where devices would remain highlighted when you clicked on them to turn them off.

I would like to thank:

South Africa first! and you just made history! My first Apple Watch App purchasers (plural and singular!) – if you would like to send me a e-mail I would love to document possibly your name and what town you live in.

Second Germany (multiple downloads), you are flying man! You will definitely be the next country to 100 downloads! . . . and 2 more the following day . . .

Third India (multiple downloads), you may be next, France is still ahead of you.

Argentina (multiple downloads)

U.S.A. (multiple downloads), still in the lead, kind of sad we didn’t get the first watch apps.

WELCOME LATVIA! (That will be very *toit* to get a pin in, but don’t worry, you will be represented!)

“Here here!” – Apple’s first new iOS product of 2017 might be completely unnecessary

Although this might make them some more money on the music streaming, but in the end they will end up collecting dust (volume control, OY VEY!). And you have to ease people into it, sadly. I didn’t really use Siri that much until Alexa, and then when I got the Apple Watch I was hooked, especially in the car (ANY CAR).

You can put Alexa on a Raspberry Pi and find out it’s really not that useful (volume control, OY VEY!) unless you spend hundreds of dollars to add home automation. Mysteriously AT&T changed the functionality of their Alexa skill (MADE IT SLOWER! WHAAA?) after I made my IoT OtG app and showed how to use it with Alexa on YouTube.

Raspberry Pi Alarm System – Oh Yeah!

Germany still moving along . . . 3 in the last 7 days. (I think that’s 55 maybe 56)

Denmark making a run 2 in the last 3 days.

Alarm system update: Have it set up when I walk in the front door it turns on the light above the front door for 2 minutes, turns on the landing lights for 2 minutes and turns on the living room lamp forever. Of course you don’t want it to do this all the time so I have it so I can either text(using voice) Jar. . . my house, and enable the function or disable it. I also have a button on my watch that will do the same if I want to do it quietly using the cloud (so I have redundant connectivity!). Once the lights are turned on the macro is disabled. My house will text me EVERY time the front door is open. I also get a text when the macro is enabled or disabled. I also created an alarm macro that turns up the volume on my Smart Hub and let’s whoever know that I am aware of their entry (because I get a text, through the phone! it doesn’t matter if there is a internet connection or not!). This macro, once enabled stays enabled until I disable it so it WILL run every time the door is open if enabled. I need to add the code so all my web cams are turned on when the alarm goes off today.

Now if you wonder what I am talking about read below:

So was playing around on the Raspberry Pi yesterday, thought I would try to update my Home Alarm System logic.

I’ve had the ability to request a door status from my watch/phone/alexa for about 6 months now and then my smart hub would text me back whether the door was open or shut.

I did it this way because at the time I still could only connect 2 relays to each Raspberry Pi, so I couldn’t really spare another one just to sit and poll the status of each door waiting for them to be opened, which requires full use of the processor leaving it to a single purpose although it IS for all windows and doors.

But now since I know how to add more power connections for each Raspberry Pi I have ones to spare.

So last night I worked on my python code and it works great!

Have to make a video soon.

I have it set up so when you open a door or window it will text me which window or door is open and it’s fast! If I don’t have the volume up loud enough you almost don’t catch the message because of the sound of the door opening.

So now I am going to work on a interface that allows you to enable/disable texting and enable/disable an alarm (which will also enable texting) the alarm will be the same as the “intruder alert” function for my cloud app which turns the phone volume up all the way and says “Attention intruder, owner has witnessed your entry and has notified the police” it does this 3 times.

IoT OtG! – allows all the texting logic, my advanced version also has another feature which I can not talk about which would work VERY WELL with the alarm functionality.

Probably also incorporate it with my automatic garage door opener app so that when I enter the geofence zone it knows I am the one that will be coming in and it can greet me by name (FINALLY a reason to use the interior garage door alarm sensor!) or start playing music, turn on lights.

The alarm system was already installed when I moved in so if you don’t already have the sensors installed, this probably isn’t the system for you, but for me I have an alarm system for $50 plus webcams.


France out of no where, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! ! !

. . . and moving right along . . .

Germany is BACK! (wholy crap, that’s 54 Germany, 105 USA, Houston we have a contender! I guess we are waiting for our AR Glasses in 20-30 years)

40 for France.

UK is making a run, 22 tied with India.

Got some interesting stories to tell, that I found out last night and this morning, I’m probably not going to get a Christmas Card from Facebook.

But first I like to take this time to thank some of the people who helped me get here, last time it was AMC Theaters who questioned my Objective-C abilities, which made me make the app that you seem to enjoy, oh and I have also now released a Apple Watch app that uses Swift, good call AMC!

But time to thank someone new, Sprint. I had an interview with them for a Android programmer position at the very beginning and they laughed at my skills and told me to “take care” I also knew soo many different things they told me to just focus on one thing, and that’s why I started working on home automation. Otherwise if they would have hired me I would be working there making a nominal salary, paying off my mortgage. THANK YOU SPRINT ! ! !

Now, while reading some blogs about the upcoming F8 conference at the time, one blogger (I will have to go back and find who it was) pointed out that Facebook “acquired” a company called I had never heard of them before so I followed the link to their web site, it seemed very simple (like something I would do) for a Facebook company, which made me happy because it seemed like less of a behemoth. It had 65,000 registered users. WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS COMPANY? I thought, where are they? I still don’t really know. So this morning I did another search for them and found this article on Techcrunch:

and I was like, Uhh Ohh, I took their money making idea and made it damn near free, oops!

I honestly didn’t know about this company, would it have stopped me? I’m not sure, I think it would have given me pause that’s for damn sure. I was always afraid that by focusing on my apps not paying attention to what else was in the app store I might be wasting my time, but I just kept coding anyway because I enjoyed the results and I love the fact that I have something that maybe 400 other people can understand at this point and time and I will never rip my stuff out of my house EVER!

So that was the article I found this morning, the article I found last night was:




and because if that’s perfect, damn, what is mine?

But anyway, I am always up for a deal, I made history and that makes me pretty happy, so all that is left is money. But EVERYTHING is timing as this proves, so when the time is right you got my e-mail.


GeekWire – Amazon opens up Alexa’s microphone and voice processing technology to hardware makers

Or a Fire Sale if you like that damn good movie.

“get your bag, hack boy!”

Just sell it to Shenzhen and be done with it.

Look at this crap.

Walmart – January 31, 2017

$17.88 and $10.00

What’s Samsung get for these $200?

Sorry guys, getting distracted:

Welcome Estonia, Indonesia and Czech Republic! . . . or Czechia sound more fitting (updated map)

WHOA! – Germany 4 downloads in the last 6 days! Come on I got an Orange Pin with your name on it!




USA is still keeping the pace though 14 downloads in the last 30 days, 8 for Germany (I know there is a *slight* size differential). Must be my $80 investment in magnets.

India has 2 in a row AND 2 on the same day, you’re now up to 22, that’s 4 in the last 5 days.

Denmark,Netherlands, it’s been a while, welcome back.

400 unique downloads really close!

And what people don’t realize is you are having to do ACTUAL WORK to use this app, not just typing in your name and clicking submit, or plugging something into a electrical outlet, you are actually using intelligence.

Also working on a IoT OtG Advanced app, it will have “cloud tricks” like weather, what’s cool is I thought I was going to have to learn AWS, but I already have apps (that I made years ago) that do weather stuff BigDogWeather, BigDogWeatherViewer, BigDog Wind Graph . . these use weather information saved in a database, so I can leverage all this info by using SQL scripts to provide you with condensed weather info that all the assistants out there aren’t smart enough to pull off, (Sorry only for the U.S. at the moment) but I have already said too much. And other things that don’t involve weather, but I have already shown way too much of the future so I will be working on the stuff in secret waiting for people to *think* they have caught up, and then BLAM!

Now I am starting to see why Steve Jobs didn’t want an app store at first. Fart apps, he may have not known that they were going to be fart apps, but he probably knew that something would muddy up the waters and it was definitely fart apps, and now we have trivia apps, but I guess it was definitely better in the long run and I am starting to see the benefits of having people moderate the entry of apps.

Apple Watch Command is now LIVE !

Find it here:

App Info here

Saving this for future reference:

Huawei CEO sees no future for wearable smart devices

Welcome Estonia, Indonesia and Czech Republic! . . . or Czechia sound more fitting (updated map)

Germany and France! Wow! you guys are just amazing, every other day, back and forth.

Germany: 50 (The big 5-0! and 2 days in a row!)
France: 39

Spain, 2 days in a row, I like it.

South Africa is also starting to get on a roll.


So we were waiting to eat tonight at a restaurant for dinner, and it was time to turn on my front lights and the birds light. We were surrounded by people, so I didn’t want to have to say “text Jarvis turn on bird light” and “text Jarvis turn on front lights” so I tried to think what of the 7 different ways that I could do this be the best?

Guess what? IoT OtG !

So the Apple Watch has the ability to send canned responses to text messages


So I created:

turn on front lights


turn on bird light

Now I have BUTTONS to execute commands silently when necessary (late at night)

FOR FREE ! (no need to purchase a client)

iPhone does not have to be on.

You could also make a canned response like the following:

turn on front lights bird light sink light

and now you have a link list, “scene”

Apple Watch App update

Well, talking to Apple, app was rejected because I have a background mode set to External accessory communication, which after reading what I have to do to use this option SOUNDS like overkill, but it’s the closest thing to what I am trying to accomplish.

I guess we will see, the worst case is you will want to have the phone plugged in and turned on with the app in the foreground.

IoT OtG is still the way to go, it’s the way I use all the time, except this app when I need to be quiet. You can just hold the crown down and “say text Jarvis turn on garage door”, send, done.

Screw it, I’m taking out background mode, sorry, it is 100% technically possible, the app I will be using will do it, but I can’t sneak it passed the app police, hopefully some day they will be ready and I can release an updated version to you.

Welcome Estonia!

Germany and France! Wow! you guys are just amazing, every other day, back and forth.

Apple Watch Update 2:

Just got cloud functionality working from the watch. As of right now I can send a command from a hard coded button on the watch to the phone and it will send a hard coded command to turn on my basement lights, and it works. So now it’s time to just cut and paste from all my other apps and I should have something working by tonight, and a pretty solid app by the end of the weekend. Of course this is all because I am bored, because IoT OtG is so simple it’s stupid, and it works with Android OR iPhone, AND you could even send commands from a flip phone and turn on devices if you needed to. (of course you would have to put that phone number in your list of accepted numbers).


I tell you I was pretty elated when I came up with the idea of IoT OtG, but it just keeps getting better and better!

The maker of an internet-connected garage door disabled a customer’s device over a bad review.

Business Insider

IoT OtG goes on a device with phone service and uses texting, so as long as you pay your phone bill it CAN’T BE SHUT OFF!

IoT OtG with Alexa

IoT OtG with Apple Watch

IoT OtG with Siri on iPhone

IoT OtG for Google Assistant