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I’m sensing a BIG Nest sale is about to happen . . .

. . . and check this out!

Thermostats must be the GOD AWFULL most boring part of home automation, but things are about to get interesting . . .

Since I am not chained to a PROPRIETARY system, the way my house is laid out the basement get’s really cold and the upstairs stays warm (of course) but the reason why I made my smart outlets was so I could plug in a floor fan downstairs and blow the cold air from the basement upstairs, remotely or on a timer. It works REALLY WELL, the basement actually gets warm if I leave the fan on too long. So if I use a Raspberry Pi and make a smart thermostat, I am going to make it so that in the summer when the AC needs to kick on I am also going to turn on the floor fan for a certain amount of time. And in the winter when the heater needs to come on I will kick on the ceiling fans for a certain amount of time. I think my house is about to get it’s college degree!!!

Oh yeah! CO$T: 1 Raspberry Pi and 5 relays = less than $100, how much is a NEST?


Let the coding begin!

Raspberry Pi Thermostat

Welcome Qatar! (I’m going to have to get smaller pins or a bigger map!)

Thank you Spain and France, Germany had a good run, but has slacked off, so now’s your chance.

Ukraine and Romania, you sure you don’t want to WAIT to buy a WeMo hub?

While Belkin doesn’t have a price or a specific release date for it yet, it has at least revealed that the device will be available sometime this fall.

the absolute least . . .

Have Fun Yesterday Yesterday Romania and Ukraine ! !

. . . And Germany, and Lithuania, and Netherlands, and Singapore!. . . Ok, Apple, you are going to have to come up with some more colors, I used them all up again!

. . .steamroller action, crushing all . . .

Looks like I missed something Poland, you are stepping up to a yellow pin!

South Africa and Spain, you are only 2 away from a yellow pin.

Germany – 61

France – 43

Welcome Newbies!

Engadget – Raspberry Pi is merging with a coding foundation

Use the Raspberry Pi to find out if your passion is in coding, learn the basics, but try not to focus too much on python and php unless you must. Object Oriented Programming is what you seek, it is The Matrix, it is the rules you must abide by, and the rules you try to break.

If you master OOP you can learn any newer language, Java, Objective C, Swift, Python . . .

Avoid GIT as long as you can, it is the opposite of repetition, and repetition is the key.

When you get a program working, write it out on paper 2 or 3 times, burn it in your brain.

Google I/O 2018 – Wait I thought this was 2017?

I wasn’t there, did the stage background say Coming soon . . . ?

Fine, I’ll wait . . .

Of course you don’t have to!

And it looks like Spain, Germany, and Italy don’t want to!

BAM, BAM, BAM and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

And good ‘ol U.S.A. making a ROARING come back! (Thank you too Google I/O and Alexa!)

Welcome Jordan! ( The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan )

Go on, I have already DONE home automation for you.

Now control your Raspberry Pi’s with Alexa!

Video below.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi Home Automation

Don’t worry Siri, I got your back.
iPhone / Apple Watch

Android Assistant

OTG Stands for Off The Grid, but it doesn’t have to be.

Who needs Alexa? You only want voice controlled home automation, so here it is:

Why even spend your money on Alexa when you can turn your Android device into a Echo.
Pi Voice Command:

I now have a Garage Door Opener App that uses the cloud and Geofencing to open automatically when you get close to your house, check it out here:

This app is now in the play store:

And in the Apple App Store: (Search for Pi Garage)

A Video for my iOS version is here, the Android version looks different but has the same functionality:

You also need my Smart Hub App:

Check out my Home Automation apps using the Raspberry Pi here:

iOS Free:

iOS Cloud:

Android Free:

Android Cloud:


Let the coding begin!

Raspberry Pi Thermostat

That’s why I won’t do two shows in one day!

I won’t, I won’t do it!

Oh? I just did it? Ok.

So I fixed a minor glitch in the iOS free app, minor, but did take some research, and then I jump over to the Android side and add “Move to Top” functionality ( a little array play) to the Android free app, so look for that tomorrow!

Just tested the Android app . . . ohhh that’s what it was missing, I don’t know if it was the cherry, but it is definitely the next best thing. Version 3.0 very fitting.

Love the new “Hey Siri” “commercial”

So short and to the point. Hey! I don’t have to do ANYTHING I have smart assistant capability on my phone RIGHT NOW!

Need to do another one to remind people they can use it to play music.

Please don’t make me sick of it though, treat it like a Super Bowl commercial, show it once, maybe twice a day at the most expensive time slot.

Welcome Macedonia! – Cranking the Iron Maiden, Alexander the Great RIGHT NOW!