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Where can I get a Raspberry Pi TODAY?

I’m glad you asked!

I will look for other countries too, but that will be a little more tricky.

. . . and done!



United States:

Fry’s Electronics

800 Garden Ave. North
Renton, WA 98057
Phone (425) 525-0200

Store Hours:
9am – 9pm Monday – Friday
9am – 8pm Sunday

Raspberry Pi

Other Fry’s locations:

Fry’s Locations

Microcenter (Sorry, you will have to change the store location manually at the top, that’s the way the web site works.)

$29.99 (In Store only – 8/28/2017)

Boston/Cambridge – Massachusetts (252 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Orange County / Tustin – California (241 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Denver – Colorado (236 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Atlanta/Deluth – Georgia (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Atlanta/Marietta – Georgia (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Chicagoland/Central – Illinois (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Chicagoland/Westmont – Illinois (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Beltway/Rockville – Maryland (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Baltimore/Towson – Maryland (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Detroit/Madison Heights – Michigan (248 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Twin Cities/St. Louis Park – Minnesota

Raspberry Pi

St. Louis/Brentwood – Missouri

Raspberry Pi

North Jersey / Paterson – New Jersey

Raspberry Pi

Long Island / Westbury – New York

Raspberry Pi

Brooklyn / Gowanus Expy – New York

Raspberry Pi

Queens / Flushing – New York

Raspberry Pi

(Wow! Having Law and Order Flashbacks!)
Westchester County / Yonkers

Raspberry Pi

Central Ohio / Columbus – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

North East Ohio/ Mayfield Heights – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

Cincinnati / Sharonville – Ohio

Raspberry Pi

Philadelphia / St. Davids

Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi

Dallas Metroplex / Richardson (249 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Northern Virginia / Fairfax (253 In Stock)

Raspberry Pi

Nothing near by? Order it on line:

Raspberry Pi

Power Supply (can use Android charging cable)

Micro SD – 16 GB

Here is a two relay board, good for first try

All Kinds of Relays

Wires to connect relay to Raspberry Pi

The 5v Power Block is now a thing . . .

Thank you Switzerland, Thank you Spain, and China (2000+ downloads in less than a month!! what a way to end a year!)

Normally you can only power 2 relays with a single Raspberry Pi, but I documented a way you can use a powered usb hub and modified usb cables to power up to 8 relays with one Raspberry Pi. It was very ugly and not user friendly, well that’s all about to change . . .

Hello, Innovation!

Here is the 5v Power Block:

Show you how to make one, this is what you will need:

Solder Sucker – removes solder while you heat it up with a soldering iron.

These are connection pins you can buy and they break off so you can use individual ones. You will solder these to the power and ground connections.

Heat up these spots with the soldering iron and remove the solder. Solder here is only to hold the aluminum frame to the board. Once you have removed the solder you can take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull off the aluminum usb frame from the other side and the white plastic piece will come out also.

Then I took a pair of locking pliers and clamped them on each individual data connection. Using the weight of the pliers I heated up the solder with a soldering iron and then lifted the board and the weight of the pliers pulls out the metal connection from the board.

Leaving this.

The 5v Power Block is now a thing . . .

Normally you can only power 2 relays with a single Raspberry Pi, but I documented a way you can use a powered usb hub and modified usb cables to power up to 8 relays with one Raspberry Pi. It was very ugly and not user friendly, well that’s all about to change . . .

Hello, Innovation!

. . . and before I show you this I’ll let you know at the beginning of the year Garmin was looking for a Android programmer, so I sent them my Resume and a link to my blog (showed them EVERYTHING) and told them not to contact me before they looked at my blog.

Didn’t even get an interview.

Draw your own conclusions.

Sorry Amazon

I was busy watching your stock price.

I didn’t give you a pass so I can’t give Walmart one either.

You’re WAAAAAAAAAAAAY late to the game dude!

“Use service like Task Rabbit and need to let someone in your house, but don’t want to hide a key for them? Use this app and let them in when they get to the house.”

You got to get on this, get some advertising out, make a YouTube video, tell people to search for IOT or Garage Door Opener, or Home Automation, or Raspberry Pi, or IoT OtG (oops).

And watch out for firmware updates, that is sooooooo going to be the thing that bites you in the butt.

Business Insider – Smart lock maker Lockstate bricks some customers’ locks with software update

Free Cloud Security Camera Software – Manything

Thank you India and Italy! and of course China . . .

I use this, it works on Android or iPhone 4 on up. I have it installed on a Gen 2 iPad. It has motion set up by default, it will e-mail you when it detects motion and saves the clip to the cloud so you can view for free. There is a time limit for the cloud video, then you have to pay. You can download clip for free if you want. If you have a flash on the device you can even remotely turn on the flash like a flashlight.



Cloud Storage

IoT OtG is out of control! . . . Again

China . . . my goodness, I just can’t believe it, thank you.

Germany, I won’t forget, you kicked it off with quite a bang, almost a year ago now.

Thank you Belgium!

Come on guys! we are setting a standard here! Don’t make China do all the work!

Thank you U.S.A.!

China, still doing awesome! more downloads in one day than I used to get in a month!

Today while I was sitting next to someone in traffic yelling at their steering wheel it hit me. You know how car makers are wasting their time incorporating Alexa into their cars. Most cars now have blue tooth (Not mine, LONG LIVE THE ALPINE! i think it’s a 2002 model) But with IoT OtG, your cars blue tooth, and your phone, just use your blue tooth to send a text! “Text lrd vdr turn off bathroom light.” Done. “Text Alfred, Hey, I am stuck in traffic, go ahead and order some Pizza.”

So while we were in Seattle, we thought we would see how far North West we could go.

GPS Location

Well there are two paths to the cape, an upper.

North Coast

West Coast

. . . and a lower.

The Cape

The Cape – East

Most of the time you don’t have ANY signal while you are out there except for GPS.

But while we were walking to the lower path to the cape my watch started “tapping” me.

“Whoa! home temperature updates! I must have a signal.”

I look at the phone and it says Tesco where AT&T usually is, Canada maybe?

doesn’t matter, an excellent time to try and open the garage door!

“Hey, Siri” – No data connectivity.

No D A T A connectivity, but texting functionality YES!

So I pull out the phone.


Can’t do that with any cloud device, you need DATA connectivity for that!

I’m Baaaaaack!!

China, you are amazing, thank you for keeping it going! (Still crazy numbers, but I’m watching stock prices at the moment, not sure when I want to release your next count, keep it going though! it’s great!)

Practicing . . .

I see you too, there Germany – 71

Took a little Vacay.

To see what the competition is up to.

So while I was in Seattle I thought I would stop by Fry’s Electronics and get me a Raspberry Pi for a souvenir.

800 Garden Ave. North Renton, WA 98057 Phone (425) 525-0200

When you get into the store go to the right. Row 7A


They are supposed to be on the lower left, where my two business cards are. The boxes are Raspberry Pi’s, but they come with more stuff than I need. Actually I don’t *need* any more.

Plenty of Echo’s and Dot’s to be had.

Accidentally cut off the Dot’s in the top of the picture.

1000+ Downloads WOOHOO!!!!!!

This ain’t no just fill in your name app either! This is a ecosystem!

This is going to be a good holiday!

Thank you Australia too! I saw you in there.

Check out the Map, quick before it changes!

. . . sorry, Dude (Maybe you should drink while you work so you don’t write so well)

A Serf on Google’s Farm – Talking Points Memo

In commemoration of 1000 downloads (which REALLY calms the nerves and helps me draw) I made a lamp icon (FINALLY!) and will update the app in the app store soon.

In commemoration of 500 China downloads I made a Chinese Lantern icon and will update the app in the app store soon.