Apple Watch App update

Well, talking to Apple, app was rejected because I have a background mode set to External accessory communication, which after reading what I have to do to use this option SOUNDS like overkill, but it’s the closest thing to what I am trying to accomplish.

I guess we will see, the worst case is you will want to have the phone plugged in and turned on with the app in the foreground.

IoT OtG is still the way to go, it’s the way I use all the time, except this app when I need to be quiet. You can just hold the crown down and “say text Jarvis turn on garage door”, send, done.

Screw it, I’m taking out background mode, sorry, it is 100% technically possible, the app I will be using will do it, but I can’t sneak it passed the app police, hopefully some day they will be ready and I can release an updated version to you.

Welcome Estonia!

Germany and France! Wow! you guys are just amazing, every other day, back and forth.

Apple Watch Update 2:

Just got cloud functionality working from the watch. As of right now I can send a command from a hard coded button on the watch to the phone and it will send a hard coded command to turn on my basement lights, and it works. So now it’s time to just cut and paste from all my other apps and I should have something working by tonight, and a pretty solid app by the end of the weekend. Of course this is all because I am bored, because IoT OtG is so simple it’s stupid, and it works with Android OR iPhone, AND you could even send commands from a flip phone and turn on devices if you needed to. (of course you would have to put that phone number in your list of accepted numbers).

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