France out of no where, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! ! !

. . . and moving right along . . .

Germany is BACK! (wholy crap, that’s 54 Germany, 105 USA, Houston we have a contender! I guess we are waiting for our AR Glasses in 20-30 years)

40 for France.

UK is making a run, 22 tied with India.

Got some interesting stories to tell, that I found out last night and this morning, I’m probably not going to get a Christmas Card from Facebook.

But first I like to take this time to thank some of the people who helped me get here, last time it was AMC Theaters who questioned my Objective-C abilities, which made me make the app that you seem to enjoy, oh and I have also now released a Apple Watch app that uses Swift, good call AMC!

But time to thank someone new, Sprint. I had an interview with them for a Android programmer position at the very beginning and they laughed at my skills and told me to “take care” I also knew soo many different things they told me to just focus on one thing, and that’s why I started working on home automation. Otherwise if they would have hired me I would be working there making a nominal salary, paying off my mortgage. THANK YOU SPRINT ! ! !

Now, while reading some blogs about the upcoming F8 conference at the time, one blogger (I will have to go back and find who it was) pointed out that Facebook “acquired” a company called wit.ai. I had never heard of them before so I followed the link to their web site, it seemed very simple (like something I would do) for a Facebook company, which made me happy because it seemed like less of a behemoth. It had 65,000 registered users. WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS COMPANY? I thought, where are they? I still don’t really know. So this morning I did another search for them and found this article on Techcrunch:


and I was like, Uhh Ohh, I took their money making idea and made it damn near free, oops!

I honestly didn’t know about this company, would it have stopped me? I’m not sure, I think it would have given me pause that’s for damn sure. I was always afraid that by focusing on my apps not paying attention to what else was in the app store I might be wasting my time, but I just kept coding anyway because I enjoyed the results and I love the fact that I have something that maybe 400 other people can understand at this point and time and I will never rip my stuff out of my house EVER!

So that was the article I found this morning, the article I found last night was:





and because if that’s perfect, damn, what is mine?

But anyway, I am always up for a deal, I made history and that makes me pretty happy, so all that is left is money. But EVERYTHING is timing as this proves, so when the time is right you got my e-mail.

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