. . . And here comes Shenzhen . . .

Heh, Heh, Heh

They say hardware’s hard, and that’s why I don’t sell it.

Walmart – January 31, 2017

$17.88 and $10.00

10 million was a good run, and now we’re done.

Would someone PLEASE! Buy this guy a smartphone! I thought I heard the market was pretty much saturated? I know he can’t make one, but come on, get rid of the flip phone.

The Verge – Qualcomm is making it easier for companies to build smart speakers

So that prediction came out pretty well(It’s a liquidation sale!), lets try another.

The first few to release these speakers are going to make them highly proprietary, cheap, but will only work together, not with any other product.

Finally! I’m sure Silicon Valley is doing excellent background checks in their blind rush.

Business Insider – US weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence

Must be home improvement time in the Asia Pacific region!

Thank you Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Russia.


IoT spending to surpass $800 billion in 2017, led by hardware: IDC | ZDNet

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