Home Automation Scenario 1

First let me welcome Croatia!

Sorry Intel –

Engadget – Intel gives up on competing against Raspberry Pi

Midnight – outside garage lights and porch light (linked together on Smart Hub app as “front lights”) are on (scheduled which will be discussed later)

runner lights for stairs going downstairs are on.

You start to get cold, thank goodness you can turn off the fan without getting out of bed using the free phone app or the watch app, or schedule it to turn off automatically.

You wake up at 2 am needing a drink of water, kids toys are littered in the living room with the one that screams “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!” just waiting for someone to make a wrong move.

You open your smart watch app or free phone app, click on kitchen light, bam! the light over the sink comes on, and you easily make your way to get a drink of water. In your face! MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY doll! Then you make your way back to bed and turn the light off from your watch or smartphone. Don’t even think of using Alexa in this scenario.

Now it’s 4 am and since you got the drink of water, now you have to go to the bathroom! Repeat the same process, but this time with the bathroom light.

5:55 am the sun starts to peak it’s head up, the Smart Hub has it’s local scheduler set to turn off the “front lights” linked list (weekends included). No more touching those light switches again, EVER!

6:00 am – your shorttimetwo app starts to gently wake you up by letting you know what time it is every five minutes so you can keep your eyes closed to the very last second until you get up.

Say the temp lets you know what the temperature is.

Say today’s forecast tells you what today’s weather will be like.

Say tomorrow’s forecast will let you know what tomorrow’s weather will be like, go ahead and skip the 20 minutes of commercials on the morning news.

6:46 am your bedroom lights, hall lights, bathroom lights automatically come on to let you know it’s time to get up (for this schedule you omit weekends). Also the runner lights going downstairs turn off and all webcams turn off so you don’t get caught getting a towel you forgot after jumping in the shower, from the local scheduler running on your phone or you could also have that app running simultaneously on your Smart Hub.

While your in the shower you no longer need the bedroom light or the hall light so those are scheduled to turn off from the local scheduler running on your phone or you could also have that app running simultaneously on your Smart Hub.

Now you are ready to go, the bedroom light could still be on , the bathroom light is still on, you speak into you smartwatch “Text j I am leaving” Your IoT OtG app receives the text turns on your landing lights to notify you it has received the command, your bathroom light and bedroom lights are automatically turned off and all your webcams turn on. After 30 seconds your landing lights turn off, letting you know you have a minute and a half to get in your car in the garage.

You make your way to the garage the lights have been turned on with a 3 minute timer.
You get in your car, the garage door opens automatically, you start your car and back out. After 30 seconds the garage closes and you drive away.

Or let us say while you are backing out you remember you forgot something, you long press the garage door on your garage door app to cancel the timer, or you speak into your smartwatch and say “Text j turn off garage timer” again try that with Alexa!

Driving down the road you receive a text saying your garage door is closed and the garage lights have turned off.

Also while driving to work you receive a text that the front door has opened, looks like the kids are going to make it to school on time today, they better not forget to shut the door this time! . . . and there is the text showing the door is shut.

Or you don’t get the text and you call them asking what is up.

You check your webcams from time to time during the day to make sure the house is ok, but you have been having issues with your front camera lately, it has night mode and when the sun gets to a certain location the camera freaks out and jumps between modes until it locks up, But that is easily fixed you take out your smartphone and using the cloud app, or your smartwatch and IoT OtG you turn off the outlet for the camera and turn it back on resetting the camera in no time.

The day is done, time for . . . RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! and it’s even worse today and your going to be late, you know everyone is waiting for you so instead of texting everyone you use IoT OtG by saying into your smartwatch or phone “text j hey, I won’t be home till 7 be ready to go out” that way if someone doesn’t have their phone they will hear the IoT OtG hub “speak” to them.

You are pulling up to the house and you don’t want the garage door to automatically open with the geofence at this time so you speak into your smartwatch “text j turn off garage fence” Now when you enter the geofence the Smart Hub ignores the open garage command.

Everyone jumps in the car and you go to dinner.

While your out it begins to get dark, the front light linked list I spoke of earlier is scheduled to happen, and it does. You also have the kitchen light scheduled to come on and a living room light and a pet light.

This time when you come home the geofence has been reset, the door automatically opens, the inside garage lights come on for three minutes, all webcams turn off, and the door automatically shuts behind you.

As you enter through the kitchen, the light is already on so no fumbling in the dark for a light switch.

Finally time for bed, the pets usually like to come out and eat after you go to bed, but you don’t want to leave lights on all night so you have the kitchen light, living room lamp, and pet light scheduled to automatically turn off at 11:30 pm.

Turn on your bedroom ceiling fan, or floor fan from the free phone app or watch app.

Life can be hard.

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