Ok, we have our first security “issue” Resolved

Update 6/23/2017: There is a fixed version of Debian Security Tracker

And a new version of Raspbain Jessie Jessie Download – but I am still trying to find out if it was compiled with the fixed Debian version.

And still no one has broke into my house, taken physical control of my Raspberry Pi and turned on my lights.

Update 6/22/2017: Still no one has broke into my house, gained physical access to my Raspberry Pi and turned on my lights . . . all seems to be well, and not finding any incidences on google searches.

Look, over there, it’s Elvis!

Ok, these things are going to happen obviously (until Microsoft gets involved, then all the hackers will go after them), so I might as well tell you instead of playing dumb.


Doesn’t sound like a life threatening thing, and so far it sounds like hackers must have physical access to the device to use this vulnerability.

So I don’t dirty up my wonderful commentary on my blog posts I will create a Security Issue Page Here. That will list everything that has been found on a go forward basis.

The vulnerability is called Stack Clash

I will find out the new “safer” version of Raspbian and post it on the Security Issue Page.

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