Why do I need a Garage Door app on my phone?

“I have a free opener that came with my garage door opener” or “I have a garage door opener built into my car”

For the longest time I did not have an answer for that question . . . until today.

A friend of mine came by my desk and showed me an app he has that shows you all the crimes that have happened around a certain neighborhood. The post said that cars were getting broken into and GARAGES. It seems that someone was breaking into cars and using the GARAGE DOOR OPENER that was left in the car or built into the car to break into homes.

. . . and there is my answer, why take the chance of leaving a garage door opener in your car at all times or even think about setting up the one built into your car, giving someone a free key to your home?

or worse yet having to carry one more thing back and forth to your car.

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