Why are there Soooooooo many refurbished Amazon Echo’s?

Woh, Woh, Woh, another refurbished Echo sale? Are they junk?

It seems like for the past 2 months, I know a whole month, there have been sales on Amazon Echo’s, and then you read the fine print and find out they are refurbished ones. Are they really made that poorly that they have enough to have advertised sales on them?

I think I did read somewhere that they may have just been returned because the person found out they didn’t want it, which is probably the case here.

They read about all these skills they have, and then they find out they are just trivia skills or things that they don’t really need to do hands free, or things that they can just do with their PHONE! But I suspect people think that oh, I can just buy this and some Hue light bulbs and I’ll be set! Then they find out all this talk about the Echo being a ecosystem is a blog purported lie. You still have to buy ANOTHER smart hub that could cost as much as the Echo ITSELF!

So you see the Echo IS NOT a ecosystem, it is a fancy front door you buy as a ADD ON for your ecosystem, which is IoT.

There are different flavors of IoT and the one I am focusing on is Home Automation, but they are really all pretty much the same, sensors and relays.

I love all the articles about the Echo, YOU CAN DO SO MANY THINGS, like set a timer, flip a coin, use it as an intercom . . . and many other things, which you never hear about and you buy one, and you find out that they are trivia skills, so you return it.

REMEMBER ECHO IS NOT A ECOSYSTEM, it’s just a door to someone else’s work, if you are reading this, probably your work, THE REAL ECOSYSTEM.

Also you want to think about this, ALL ECHO STUFF GOES THROUGH THE CLOUD, your internet goes down, it’s paper weight, NOT EVEN A SPEAKER. I know my internet doesn’t go down, but if you live out in the middle of no where that is something you want to think about.

So the ECHO is the LAST thing you should buy, not the first, it’s like buying light switches for a house you don’t live in yet.

Case in point, I don’t have an Echo, but I do have my sprinklers controllable from my phone, NOW I remember why I wait till the last minute to turn them on! I remember when I used to start them up the first time every summer I would have to run back and forth to the garage (whaaah) to cancel and start the next station. Now I just walk around the yard, click, station 1, click, cancel station, click, station 2, click, cancel station . . ., ok so I do have IoT OtG going, hey Siri, text J.. turn on station one, hey Siri, text J.. water flowers only, hey Siri, text J.. water yard . . . YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!.

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