Can you just imagine how surreal it is to be me right now?

To be “unknown” but to be known?

It’s wild, let me explain . . .

So it was a Friday night at 10:30pm and I was at the club . . . no that’s not right, oh yeah, I was looking for python scripts for the Raspberry Pi (So Sad).

So I go to google, a little back ground, I grew up a windows guy, I can operate 2 mice at the same time, if I need to copy something more than 4 characters I reach for the mouse and copy and paste, I did take typing in high school, so I’m no slouch, but I don’t live in the dark side where you use the ctrl+shift+backtwist to copy stuff in .05 seconds. So it seemed strange to me this tactic that Google uses, it’s called Now your speaking our language . . .

but I’ve seen one, I clicked on the search bar, started to type pyt, and that causes the autofill to kick in which drops down a box, which covers most of the screen, and the autofill put in python scripts, that’s good enough, so I pick my hand up from the keyboard and as I’m heading for the enter button, the screen starts to move and I see this, Now your spea…. ENTER! NOOOOOOOoooooooooo! WHAT? Wait go back! Nothing . . . CRAP! didn’t I read some article a couple months back about that? Let me do a search, yup that’s what I thought. OOOooo look a never bother me again button! I bet in their infinite wisdom that’s the default selection? Don’t know, Oh well I know I got it, and they know I got it, so they know about me.


So I get this LinkedIn request, I get a few time to time, usually it’s some head hunter that I talk to, I ask them if they have seen my blog, “No” my GOD people WAKE UP! So we talk, they are supposed to get back to me, then I never hear from them again. Absolute wastes of air. So I get this LinkedIn request, “Yeah, I’ll waste my time later.” So it’s time for bed and I finally have time to waste my time reading something from a loser head hunter and I see it’s from a producer for a show called Planet of the Apps.

Frank, please add me to your LinkedIn network

My name is Michael and I’m a Casting Producer for Apple’s new unscripted series, Planet of the Apps. We are trying to spread the word to App Creators who need Mentorship, Funding & Marketing/Promotion.

For more info on how to apply please visit our website at:
Michael C
Associate Casting Producer – Planet of the Apps at Propagate Content
United States

I know opportunity of a lifetime . . .blah blah blah, I was planning on going, but it was such a distraction, and when I finally decided not to, that’s when I wrote IoT OtG and a few other apps in a matter of 2 months (HISTORY BABY!)


Mark Zuckerberg probably knows of me.

He was all in Building Jarvis

Soon after that I hit 400 downloads on my Apple app, but I also had Android apps, a Suite of them actually for both platforms.

Then I found out about this:

Facebook acquires

Now, while reading some blogs about the upcoming F8 conference at the time, one blogger (I will have to go back and find who it was) pointed out that Facebook “acquired” a company called I had never heard of them before so I followed the link to their web site, it seemed very simple (like something I would do) for a Facebook company, which made me happy because it seemed like less of a behemoth. It had 65,000 registered users. WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS COMPANY? I thought, where are they? I still don’t really know. So this morning I did another search for them and found this article on Techcrunch:

and I was like, Uhh Ohh, I took their money making idea and made it damn near free, oops!

So, that was right before F8, and they come out and say nothing about Home Automation, instead they are focused on AR to be released in 20 to 30 years? That’s a little far out for a company to put all their focus on. So I’m *pretty* sure he knows about me.


Jeff Bezos – Oh you know he knows about me, that’s why he’s so balls out about Alexa.

Hell there is a good chance the WOZ knows about me!(that is the ULTIMATE LIFE ACHIEVEMENT).

And that is why it is soooo surreal.

Oh yeah, HomeKit, for the first time in EVER I think, Apple discontinued a hardware chip (you’re welcome)(sorry Apple) the one for Home Automation security and made it a software thing(somebody’s got to know about me for that one!). And they now let you prototype Home Kit software with Raspberry Pi’s (Hmmmmmmm).

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