Eewwwwwwwww! Flashback!

Yay! I don’t have to buy a new watch!

It’s like going to one of those electronic stores and paying the place to throw away one of their scam products for them)

It also gives me a flashback to when the first iPhone came out.

My first phone was a Nokia candy bar phone, it was for work, because at the time I wouldn’t give you $1 for the phones that existed. The only way I would have a phone back then is so I didn’t have to walk to call a tow truck when my car broke down.

Then I got this phone

HTC Falcon

And I KNEW we would be where we are today, and I was Obsessed!

Screen size was awesome, and WiFi a (WiFi a BABY!) no bluetooth (actually a blessing). AND! I could terminal server into Windows Machines! GOOD BYE LAPTOP!

BUT! it was 2G, which was fine at the time till, 3G came out, then it started getting slow.

Then HTC released another version the following year that had a slide down keyboard, bluetooth, and WiFi b, but it was still 2G so not too big of a deal.

Then HTC SCREWED THE POOCH! They came out with this thing:

HTC 6700

I bought one a couple of years ago just so I can remember how bad the thing really was.

BUT! it was 3G! Fast Fast Fast! and you could plug it into a laptop and tether your data connection. But man, did that screen SUCK!

But I knew today would come, so I would check Engadget, ALL THE TIME, looking for the new phone that would finally put us back on the right path, but HTC just kept putting out the same crap, with a little faster processor and a little more memory, over, and over, and over. (after reading about the making of the iPhone, I bet this is what they were thinking too)

“The first person to make a phone with a 3+ inch screen, I will be buying it!” I said.

Touche Steve Jobs!

Out comes the first iPhone, 3+ inch screen, iPod built in, WooHoo! 2G . . . . . Uhhhhhhh WHAT!
I had this phone 4 years ago!

So needless to say I didn’t buy the first iPhone, and saved all kinds of money. ( I bought the 3G)

That’s exactly what the Apple Watch LTE feels like.

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