The first iPhone WAS a MVP (minimally viable product).

When the first iPhone came out it had minimal memory, no expandable memory (HTC 6700 had expandable memory), no app store (no body did, and about to be my point), and the craziest a 2G radio (3G had been out for years). That was pretty much a MVP.

It did have the largest screen at the time and the best mp3 player, and the most technically
advanced touch screen(which *almost* pulls it out of the MVP classification, but not quite), and you could get e-mail (blackberry), and it had a browser (no flash).

I’m sure it was all about cost, but I’m sure he didn’t want to waste a lot of money if it didn’t fly, and you always got to have that upgrade path 😉

It also took one of the greatest salesmen to kick it off. There is NO WAY HTC, Nokia, RIM, or Microsoft for that matter could have sold a 2G phone on that day. (The only people who come close to being a salesmen like him were the guys who got Bill Gates to buy Web TV)

And nobody knew it at the time, not even Jobs, but the true product was the App Store, and they haven’t even touched on things like the Moto Mods, if they could get into the health care hardware add ons business? WHOA!


It took forever to get a large screen, or acceptable memory.

That’s why this site is called Obsessively Android.

But in the end? It’s all about the people.

Like Eddie Van Halen said:

“You make music for the people. Otherwise, just play in your closet.”

Crazy you can add functionality to your app exponentially while decreasing the amount of code it actually contains, now we’re talking.

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