Get it off the grid IoT OtG style!

Thank you China!

ZDNet – Internet of Things devices are proliferating faster than humans can comprehend. According to Gartner’s Earl Perkins, we’ve already missed the window of opportunity we had to fix that.

Pull your Raspberry Pi’s off the network connected to the internet, and make their own private network, connect a phone with texting, DONE! (If you aren’t using the free one which can also be off the grid).

Then you can text via voice assistant or typing or cut and paste, Apple Watch even has custom responses that you can make to perform functions at the touch of a button.

I guess I need to make a client for that, add it to the list (Can’t be done with iPhone halve to use Siri).

BONUS! Here are links to buy what you need.

Control all your devices via text messaging, will even work with a flip phone! or Apple Watch or Android Watch FROM ANYWHERE, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE WAKE WORD!(Jarvis, James, Q, Computer, Lord Vader(crap, my new one), Mommy, Frank RULES). Actually you can set them all up, choose what you want ON THE FLY!! Just added Lord Vader while I was at work SWEEEEEEEET! (CORRECTION: I mis-spoke all speakers will ALWAYS have a PROPRIETARY wake word, wearables WILL NOT and already DON’T Android and Apple Watch)

I think this is the first product you have no fear of corporate licensing! (and for you corporate types, there is no settings saved on the hub, it’s all on the users phone! which does not need an app! and the name is NEVER passed to the hub.)

Just set up in your phone contacts what name you want and give it the phone number of your hub. FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!! NO ONE IS GOING TO TOUCH THAT!


IoT OtG – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

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