You trying to give me a heart attack!


I was supposed to stay off the internet today, so I went to check my download count . . . .

Oh my goodness, I saw the count, and thought some how I was doing a multiple month download range, then I had to look at the graph margin, last week the top bar was 2 downloads, this week it was in the hundreds!!

I’ve never seen that, I don’t know how I’m going to segregate it out to countries, I’m still in too much shock!

I should have been at 600 downloads around the 22nd of this month, but I was hoping to be at 550 today, and you guys just TOTALY BLEW THAT OUT OF THE WATER!!!

Excuse me, I have to take a walk.



I guess it won’t be that hard, China WINS! – Guess I am going to have to learn some Chinese!

South Africa, welcome to the Double Digits Club!! a Yellow pin for you!!

Runners up: Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, India, U.K. , U.S.A.


China – 329
USA – 141
Germany – 69


08/30/2017 – . . . and it just keeps getting better every time I SEE IT! Thank you AGAIN China, this is what I have been waiting for, I can see 1000 downloads in less than a YEAR!
(Sorry, I will update the map tonight, in all the excitement I forgot. Maybe I will wait one more day, probably have 400 by then.)


I see you too, Saudi Arabia, keep on downloading!

Just read an article about the Amazon Echo everyone they talked to on average had 5, FIVE! of them in their house! Get ready to SPEND SOME MONEY!!!!!! AND THEY ALREADY HAVE A PHONE!

Just get a watch and be done! I have 2 watches, only use one, outside, inside, in a car, in an Uber, in a friends car, at work, in the bathroom. NO CORDS! NO POWER PLUGS!

1 Device SIMPLE! DONE!

$180 X 5 = $900!!!! NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS! and your phone already does it, and a watch does it cheaper.

$275 X 1 = $275

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