I’m Baaaaaack!!

China, you are amazing, thank you for keeping it going! (Still crazy numbers, but I’m watching stock prices at the moment, not sure when I want to release your next count, keep it going though! it’s great!)

Practicing . . .

I see you too, there Germany – 71

Took a little Vacay.

To see what the competition is up to.

Was going to wait a little longer to talk about what I saw and did, but I saw the truth was starting to fly and an important issue is being overlooked.

Amazon could detonate a gentrification ‘prosperity bomb’ with 2nd HQ

Homelessness. (Not sure why a tweet was needed to figure out what needs to happen in your own city?)

All Civic leaders bidding for the 2nd Amazon HQ need to visit Seattle and start working on their plan for the homeless NOW! and then quadruple it.

See the tents back by the bridge?

This wasn’t even really close to downtown, probably 30 minutes away.

Time to jump the shark!

Facebook, You Needy Sonofabitch | Brad Frost

Read the whole thing, wow.

Restoration Hardware CEO reveals startling reality about online ads

That is why you don’t blindly go in debt to stock holders and VC’s just to advertise.

So while I was in Seattle I thought I would stop by Fry’s Electronics and get me a Raspberry Pi for a souvenir.

800 Garden Ave. North Renton, WA 98057 Phone (425) 525-0200

When you get into the store go to the right. Row 7A


They are supposed to be on the lower left, where my two business cards are. The boxes are Raspberry Pi’s, but they come with more stuff than I need. Actually I don’t *need* any more.

Plenty of Echo’s and Dot’s to be had.

Accidentally cut off the Dot’s in the top of the picture.

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