The 5v Power Block is now a thing . . .

Thank you Switzerland, Thank you Spain, and China (2000+ downloads in less than a month!! what a way to end a year!)

Normally you can only power 2 relays with a single Raspberry Pi, but I documented a way you can use a powered usb hub and modified usb cables to power up to 8 relays with one Raspberry Pi. It was very ugly and not user friendly, well that’s all about to change . . .

Hello, Innovation!

Here is the 5v Power Block:

Show you how to make one, this is what you will need:

Solder Sucker – removes solder while you heat it up with a soldering iron.

These are connection pins you can buy and they break off so you can use individual ones. You will solder these to the power and ground connections.

Heat up these spots with the soldering iron and remove the solder. Solder here is only to hold the aluminum frame to the board. Once you have removed the solder you can take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull off the aluminum usb frame from the other side and the white plastic piece will come out also.

Then I took a pair of locking pliers and clamped them on each individual data connection. Using the weight of the pliers I heated up the solder with a soldering iron and then lifted the board and the weight of the pliers pulls out the metal connection from the board.

Leaving this.

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