Thank you China!


Also, Thank you Sweden! Once you’re done, YOU’RE DONE! You will have everything you need to start and finish your smart home and then it’s all just software upgrades after that. Haven’t touched the hardware in months.

Ooops, OK, you bought the Garage Door App, just let me know if you have any questions.

Linking of voice commands, that’s soooooo 6 months ago, very well documented:

Pi voice command – Google Play Store

more info and demo video

A small-screen iPod, an Internet Communicator and a Phone | Asymco

The Coming Software Apocalypse – The Atlantic

Here is how “Spaghetti Code” comes about:

A developer creates a system that meets a business’s needs. It consists of 3 servers costing a total of $50,000. But to save money the business only buys the main server costing $20,000, then they look for other systems that do the same thing and get the 2 other servers from 2 other developers for a total of $40,000. All say that they can make their system work with the others, but they can’t, they are written by totally different people with totally different thinking patterns and code is full of flags (variables that manipulate data to do what you need it to do to make it through the system). So one of the most intelligent support people get’s pulled in and has to create two other servers that talk in between the 3 purchased servers. So now we are at the original $50,000 that the original system would have cost. The support person busts their butt to make everything work as good as they can and then expects a raise. The person doesn’t get it there, but doubles their salary somewhere else. Then the company hires someone who is TOTALY out of the loop with no documentation. Spaghetti Code.

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