I would like to take a post to thank you all for your TRUST.

Technology has entered a phase where trust is in very limited supply and I hope that from the beginning I have shown you that I am someone you can trust to give you the best, forward thinking technology at the best value.

Consumer technology used to be a way to first and foremost, have fun, and it seems we have gotten away from that. I hope that my free apps will give you the fun you expect without any of the worries of being tracked or hacked.

Remember! The free apps do not have to be connected to the internet WHAT SO EVER! You can set up an entirely different network off the internet and use the app the same as if it was on the internet, but only when you are at home.

If later you want to do things remotely, and you have used it enough to trust my product, you can step up to IoT OtG. It is not foolproof, but it is the most trackable, smallest opening to the real world that I can think of.

It really humbles me that so many people all around the world have given me a chance to earn their trust. Especially the times we are in.

All for now, you know I like to add stuff, stay tuned . . .

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