Windows Raspberry Pi OS Image Creation Process

Raspbian image repository if you need it –

My MAC is getting old and too slow for creating images, my i7 Windows machine creates the image in about 7 minutes where my MAC takes about 3-4 hours so I broke down and learned how to create the image Windows style.

The app I use is Win32DiskImager. Win32DiskImager

Install it.

Insert your micro SD card.

Run Win32DiskImager.

Click on the folder button to the right of the Image File path line and find the Wheezy or Jessie image, then select your SD card in the dropdown to the right of that.

Click write.

When it is done you can eject the SD card and put it in the raspberry pi.


Go here

Select Raspbian

Download this

Wait til done

Unzip image using 7zip

Select downloaded zip file

Extract it

let finish

when you have a .img file

Use disk imager on windows machine

write image to micro sd card

when write is complete, eject micro sd card from PC and put in Raspberry Pi

Open terminal app

Update Raspbian

Upgrade Raspbian

Upgrade can take a while, so watch some TV or do something else for a half hour.

Install Apache Server

Install PHP

Open file to set permissions

Scroll to end of file and add permission line

ctrl-o to save
ctrl-x to exit

Install GIT:

Install GIT

Make a GIT directory in /home/pi (you should already be there)

Go into GIT directory:

GIT directory

Get my files from GIT:

Get my files from GIT

Go into new directory with my files:


Enter into dangerous admin mode:

sudo su

Copy PHP files:

cp *.php /var/www/html

Copy Python files:

cp *.py /home/pi



DONE! You can make sure the files are where they need to be if you want:

file check

PHP files