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Handle Multiple Phone Numbers

Handle Messages from a single number

Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Texting charges may apply.

Alexa integration requires AT&T Alexa Skill for texting.

Works with Android phones Gingerbread and higher.

Video below.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi Home Automation


Siri on iPhone

Siri on Apple Watch

Android Assistant

OTG Stands for Off The Grid, but it doesn’t have to be.

You STILL don’t have IOT in your house?

I know….. HACKERS!


Facbook watches EVERYTHING YOU DO – Onavo Protect app VPN data all routed through Facebook Servers

They got you scared.

They got me scared, so I had to come up with a standard.

IoT OtG (Internet of Things Off The Grid)

Now works with Alexa!

IOT OTG 8/10/2016

IOT OTG 8/10/2016

So off the grid, not entirely accurate, but the only way into your IOT network is through texting.

Texting is encrypted in the air, HIGHLY FROWNED UPON towards hacking, VERY TRACKABLE, I would say NOT AT ALL worth the consequences just to tease you with your lights or even hack your garage door unless you just had hundreds of thousands of dollars of valuables in your house, then you may want to go with a security guard.

I have been doing research, there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Spoofing (Sending texts with your phone number NOT from YOUR phone) – technically possible used to be done as a business, one site I will link you to describes getting over 250,000 angry people and governments telling them to shut down. (I will link you to their site when I find it). These companies are HEAVILY watched by the phone companies and can only be used for legitimate business purposes, if they don’t they are trackable and we can have them shut down.

Trackable – If Edward Snowden wants to turn on your lights he probably can, because all Texts are saved in plain text format on the phone companies servers obtainable by phone company sys admins(employees), so if one of them want to break into your house or play with your lights they can, but that narrows down the pool of people who did it. This also means that the texts are trackable to the REAL originating phone number(and the more they turn on your lights the higher probability they are going to get caught, for playing with lights? NOT WORTH IT! and if they want to break into your house, they have to be AT your house. . . webcam, and again easier to just break the door.) So very trackable, phone companies don’t like to pay the Sys Admins extra so they will try to blow you off, but through perseverance
they will have to provide it to you, or your insurance company.

Encrypted in the air – not that it matters, they still have to spoof your number (trackable) because the commands will only be executed when sent by phone numbers you set on the Smart Hub.

Proof of Concept is complete I have turned on lights by texting my smart hub.

I have the Android code to send texts from an app (my personal dev Smart Hub app already does that). So you will send commands through texts from my app not your texting app (although you can).

I have the android code to receive and parse text messages to perform commands (turning on lights opening the garage door).

I was able to send texts from my iPhone texting app and turn on lights(still have to see if iOS lets you send texts from code).

What you will need:

Android Device(activated with your phone company) –
If you want to go off the grid you will need a android device (phone or tablet with a phone number) with texting, not sure if texting requires a data plan. You don’t need data to connect to the STAND ALONE wireless router, just connect to it with your wifi on the android device.

Second Wireless Router –
If you have a wireless router connected to your DSL or Cable Modem you will need another wireless router connected to your raspberry pi’s and Smart Hub ONLY. The secondary wireless router will need to have a different SSID than your internet one. Make sure only your Smart Hub and Raspberry Pi’s connect to this one.

Wired Router(optional) –
If you have more Raspberry Pi’s than you do ports on just the Wireless router you will need to add ports by using a additional wired router.


You will have a recurring cost of whatever it costs to have the extra phone line. BUT! if you don’t like my app you can cancel the phone service and you will no longer have the recurring cost, you won’t have IoT either, but hey.

Added bonus by using texting EVERYTHING is logged, you see what command was sent, when, and from what number. (“why was the door left open?” “Oh my texts show Tommy opened it at 10:30pm, but never shut it.” Crisis AVERTED!)

The Government:

Hey! Your tax dollars at work. . . FOR YOU! You know they are watching texts, so all the better for catching hackers. (hopefully the government won’t play with your lights)

So I have my apps already built, just need to change them over to texting, then I will do some beta testing and try to get them out in a couple weeks.

While you are waiting why not get your Raspberry Pi ready