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In depth hardware explanation

Easy first time project – Garage Door Opener

Everything you will need:

1. Raspberry Pi (around $35)
2. A Micro SD Card (16 GB or higher) with Raspbian and configured the way I show you here.
(If the process seems too daunting, it is harder than I wish it was,
I sell pre configured 16 GB Micro SD cards for $15 – contact me through e-mail)
3. Power Cord for the Raspberry Pi (not included with just the Raspberry Pi) ($7)
You can use a cord for a Android phone if you have extras.
4. A relay ($4)
5. Wires to connect the relay to the Raspberry Pi ($9)
6. Ethernet Cable
7. HDMI Cable (to hook up to a TV or Monitor)
8. Keyboard and Mouse.
9. My Free App to test with. (it only works with devices on the same network)

My apps use the Broadcom GPIO pin layout numbering system:


Broadcom GPIO Pin Layout

Broadcom GPIO Pin Layout for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+


All my hardware projects:

Add more 5v pins to your Raspberry Pi

Next Step:

Raspberry Pi OS setup using Windows