If you don’t have a wearable and are thinking of getting one here is some things to think about.

The first time I saw that there was a flashlight app using the camera flash I said . . .

“What a joke! that’s just silly.” Now it’s probably my absolute favorite utility, it’s awesome if you work on computers, you always have a light.

That’s what I felt about smart watches when they came out. Now they are no where near as important as the flashlight utility, but they are more useful than I thought they could be.

Wearables savior, which amazes me I don’t think I ever hear them talked about when blogs talk about wearables is . . . Voice Assistants.

The reason why I was so against smart watches, I’ve had one of these devices before, and it was the worst experience I have had so far:

HTC 6700

. . . and this had 4 times the screen space.

but with voice assistants you don’t have to touch an app.

Using IoT OtG I am texting all the time and the watch is perfect for this with a voice assistant (no matter where I am at). One thing I can’t explain is I really didn’t start using Siri until I got my watch, and it worked flawlessly (of course song titles are VERY TRICKY, but it still does pretty good.) Then I started trying it on the iPhone SE and Siri was very flaky. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work in Apples favor if people have the Siri Phone experience, which probably turns people off from buying the watch. If you have a chance to try the watch for free definitely do so and see if I am crazy.

Another thing I use the voice assistant for on the watch is selecting music while I am driving. In the summer it seems no matter where I put my phone, the holder on the dash, on the seat, in a cup holder it is always in direct sunlight and the phone gets HOT! Now I can put it up in the sun visor or in the glove box and pick songs from the watch using Siri. I pick songs on the fly, I don’t make playlists and I have about 65 gigs of music and trying to pick a song while your driving is a chore, I now get to listen to Whitesnake songs! Of course you can use Siri on your phone to do the same thing.

Using the watch for a phone, another thing I thought would be a joke, until my wife called me one time and my watch started to vibrate and then my phone across the room started to ring, I look at my watch and it has a answer or ignore button. What the hell let’s try it, sure beats getting up. Wow! it worked, no problem with her hearing me, no problem with me hearing her. Dick Tracy Baby!

I’ve even used it in the back yard a couple times.

Another thing I laughed at was before I had a Apple Watch I asked a family member if they liked theirs and they did, they showed me a few things it could do, texting and in the texting app they showed me a scribble option. I kind of laughed. The keyboard on the HTC 6700 was horrible and the scribble thing looked again like a total joke, but after I got the watch, it actually works pretty well when you don’t have your phone, definitely pleasantly surprised.

More texting awesomeness, again dealing with IoT OtG, is the Default Replies. It has several default ones, but you can make your own. So I have all kinds of IoT OtG home automation commands set up in default replies so if I am at a restaurant or at work I can perform commands without using Siri.

The music interface is fairly useful. When you jump from now playing to your song list needs something, when you jump back and forth to pause or change volume there are certain times you lose where you are at in your song list, kind of annoying.

Reading text messages works great, I get all kinds of home automation update messages.

Scrolling with the crown is very smooth.

Reminders are useful I can put computer commands in there so I don’t have to search the internet or get my phone.

another thing I thought was an over-hyped feature, sports scores, it’s not a reason to buy a watch, but if you have one and you watch sports it will definitely be something you will want to use. This will be the first year I will see all of the Chief’s preseason games. Usually I turned on the TV some time in the third quarter, OH CRAP! I missed the good half!

Now it’s just “Hey Siri, what time is the Chief’s game?” or “Hey Siri, what’s the Royal’s score?” (I’m one of those cord cutters from WAY BACK).

You can “ping” your phone (find your phone) from your watch with a tap of a button, quick. Faster than “Alexa” bloop “Open find my phone” bloop “Do you want to call or (can’t remember) your phone?” , “Call” , “Ok, calling John’s phone” , Ring Ring.

Timers, Reminders, flipping a coin . . . uhh oh, starting to sound like an Alexa commercial, I must be reaching . . .

No trivia questions, so missing out on those.

Of course my app is the KILLER APP that is going to save them all. Exercise? BLAH!

In the end if you have no issue with carrying a phone, a phone is all you need, they are still amazing (I still don’t get glasses, I mean I do, but still enough first adopters are going to be recording stuff they shouldn’t, bro). A wearable is nice because you don’t have to focus on gripping your phone so you don’t drop it and shatter the screen, it’s always in the same location, and it goes everywhere, you only need 1. Not one for your car, one for your bathroom, one for your bedroom, one for your living room, one for your basement . . .

Android – Love my Asus, affordable, powerful, beautiful design.

Other – Garmin, Samsung run proprietary OS’s so you know about proprietary. Pebble had to it was first.